Courses Offered

MA - Human Resources Management

The course has been structured on three main pillars i.e. Content, Process and Outcome with the aim of preparing young Men and Women as HR specialists for Corporates and multinational Organizations.
Eligibility for Admission
A student who has passed bachelor's degree in any discipline from University of Madras or from other university accepted by the Syndicate as equivalent thereto, is eligible for admission to this course.


The curriculum is a unique melange of subjects which cover operational areas like Training & Development, Human Resources Management and subjects essential in bridging business acumen like Managerial Economics, Business policy and Strategic Management. The content is approved by the Board of Studies which comprises of leading academicians, senior business leaders, illustrious alumni and the faculty.


 An elaborate and extensive process ensures that students get adequate classroom knowledge and practical happenings through Industry institute Interface and also the chance of applying it during fieldwork and Internships.
Fieldwork and Internship are an integral component of the programme. Fieldwork is the unique initiative in which a student reports to an organization and understand the practical work needs. It consists of six parts
1.            Semester 1                    Industrial Visits and Concurrent Fieldwork (Twice a week)                    2  months 
2.            Semester 2                    Concurrent Fieldwork and Mini research project (Twice a week)          3 months 

3.            Summer Internship     Internship with an organization                                                                  One month

4.            Semester 3                    Concurrent fieldwork and Non research project (Twice a week)           3 months     

5.            Semester 4                    Final research project to be completed in an organization                    One Month

6.            Block Placement          One month Internship after the completion of Final semester exams

These components allow students to gain an in depth experience into the functioning of HR department in various sectors and is the USP of the department.


Producing a set of versatile and emotionally balanced students who will adept at Multi-tasking and equipped with competent skill sets and professionalism to take on various challenges. The students will have the unique chance of receiving campus recruitment offers from business Organizations.
The Industry Institute Interface is a first of its kind initiative in which the students get a chance to interact with leading corporate and also go through specialized trainings and Workshops aimed to increase their learning’s.
The department is an active participant of SIFE (an International NGO) which is involved in social entrepreneurship activities. In the short span of six years the department has grown leaps and bounds to create a niche space and strives for excellence.

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