(1908 – 1975)

Founder, Madras School of Social Work


A woman with an inborn instinct and insatiable thirst for service to humanity Mrs. Mary Clubwala Jadhav, founded the Madras of School of Social Work in 1952.


Born in 1908 into a rich Parsi family, she was raised strictly in the traditional way by her mother who taught her the values of caring and sharing. In 1926, she was married to Mr. Nyogi Phurey Clubwala who encouraged her to involve in social activities. She was a regular visitor to government approved schools and worked for the Red Cross. She became totally involved in social work with sincerity and commitment.

In 1937, Mrs. Mary Clubwala was made the honorary secretary of the Guild of Service. At that time there were only three schools of social work in India and all of them were located in the northern region. In order to facilitate easy access and appropriate practical learning for students interested in social work in the southern region she decided to start the Madras school of social work. She had to face many hurdles and there was delay, but the will to start the school was not lost. With no initiation of action from the government, Mrs. Mary Clubwala took it on herself the task of starting the School of social work. She visited various schools of social work in USA to know about their functioning and finally her dream came true in 1952.

She had been honoured by the International Council of Social Welfare with the “Outstanding Service Award” at Hague in 1972. She has also been awarded the “Padma Shri” and her motto was service, service and service”. On 6th February 1975, she breathed her last in Bombay after a surgery to fight cancer. Condoling her death, Mrs. Indira Gandhi mentioned that India lost an eminent social worker. Her dedication, perseverance and will to overcome obstacles, conviction and contacts enabled her dream of starting a school to train professional social workers come true.

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